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Remember me?

Well this is not me.
But you are looking at me and you’re seeing something of me in another. And something of others in me.

This is TransparentFaces.

This person doesn't exist

Transparent Faces is a loud thought about today's photographic hability to change the concepts of perception and reality.

This person doesn't exist

An ongoing project from photographer Alberto G. Puras and creative consultant Lorenzo Bennassar about the creation of unexisting people's portraits.

This person doesn't exist

Through the use of a carefull lighting and a refined photographic retouching we have been abble to blend different people's faces to create almost perfectly realistic portraits of human beeings that don't exist.

This person doesn't exist

Transparent Faces is a project originally conceived as a research exercise. It could easily end up as part of the next advertising campaign of telecomunications brand, hanging on a contemporary art gallery or, why not, kept in the “never accomplished projects” drawer.

For now, it's also here.

About the authors

Alberto G. Puras is a full time independent photographer with over 15 years experience.

Based in Madrid, Alberto provides worldwide services, and has worked for international clients through numerous fashion and ad agencies.

His awards include several LUX Gold, Silver and Bronze and his work as been part of over a dozen exhibitions.

About the authors

Lorenzo Bennassar is a brand experience creative director, and former creative brand design lead at Lilium, the leading brand of the new aerospace electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) sector.

His multidisciplinary work as a brand visual storyteller, has been featured in over 20 countries from Europe, the United States, South America, and the Middle East.

Transparent Faces is a project originally conceived as a pure research exercise.
It could end up as part of a brand communication piece, hanging on a contemporary art gallery or,
most likely, kept in the "never gone further projects" drawer.

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