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Remember me?

Well this is not me.
But you are looking at me and you’re seeing something of me in another. And something of others in me.

This is TransparentFaces.

This person doesn't exist

Transparent Faces is a loud thought about today's photographic hability to change the concepts of perception and reality.

This person doesn't exist

An ongoing project from photographer Alberto G. Puras and creative consultant Lorenzo Bennassar about the creation of unexisting people's portraits.

This person doesn't exist

Through the use of a carefull lighting and a refined photographic retouching we have been abble to blend different people's faces to create almost perfectly realistic portraits of human beeings that don't exist.

This person doesn't exist

Transparent Faces is a project originally conceived as a research exercise. It could easily end up as part of the next advertising campaign of telecomunications brand, hanging on a contemporary art gallery or, why not, kept in the “never accomplished projects” drawer.

For now, it's also here.

About the authors

Alberto G. Puras first contact with photography was in Salamanca, where he studied as a technician specialist in Image and Sound, meanwhile he published his first works of documentary photography.

From there, he moved to Barcelona where he graduated in Photography at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, combining his studies with his first photographic work in fashion and advertising.

Upon finishing college in 1999, I began working as a commercial photographer, specializing in fashion, advertising and institutional photography. Always with a unique angle and elegance tailored to each project style.

Alberto G. Puras has been awarded several times and his work as been part of over a dozen exhibitions.

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About the authors

Lorenzo Bennassar is a brand communication professional with experience in creative and art direction, motion graphics, graphic and online design.

His colaborations include work close to brilliant professionals like photographers Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Lois Greenfield or Hans Gissinger; Directors David Fincher or Paul Arden; Architect Vazquez Consuegra; Chefs Ferrán Adriá or Christian Escribá; Scenario designer Bico Bermudez or Bullfighter Javier Conde.

His projects have been featured in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iran, Japan, México, Perú, Rusia, Uruguay, Beijin, Idaho, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam, San Francisco.

And he recently was honored as candidate for the Spanish National Design Award, the highest achievable recognition to design and art direction in Spain.

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TransparentFaces will soon be available in Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Stationery Cards, iPhone & iPod Cases, iPad Cases, iPhone & iPod Skins, Laptop & iPad Skins, T-shirts, Tank Tops, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, Wall Clocks, Mugs, Shower Curtains and Rugs.

Online store coming soon.